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Coding in Brackets

Lately, I’ve been coding a lot of HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Before now, I’ve used Dreamweaver for most of that type of work, but I heard about a new code editor, Brackets, and decided to give it a shot.


Brackets is updated every couple of weeks or so. It features plugins (written in HTML/CSS/JS), an excellent live preview feature, which will highlight elements in the browser, and feels very lightweight.

The app is unique and although being a native application, it’s mainly built with HTML/CSS and JavaScript. All of this is possible due to the app being housed in a native “shell” and using the Chromium Embedded Framework. Very cool stuff.

Anyone who is looking to try out a new code editor for their next project, I recommend trying out Brackets.

Redesigned yet again

And I’ve redesigned my blog and portfolio (soon to be live). Hopefully this go around I’ll actually post and use this medium to express my thoughts, feelings, and ideas regarding user centered design and everything else.